About Us

We've noticed that most students struggle with their identity and want a safe environment to express themselves without judgement. They don't trust their current environment and feel lost, neglected, and uncertain of their future. We understand what it's like to not have the necessary assets to become successful. That's why we've been guiding students towards a future they didn't realize they could have.

Our approach to closing the identity gap improves academic outcomes, personal growth, and overall mental health for students. Using the expressive arts, we address the needs of students through in-school and out-of-school mentoring that delivers opportunities for academic enrichment, college and career readiness, and life success.

Who We Are

Live2Create Foundation Network, Inc. is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit organization
created to promote social and emotional wellbeing in the lives of students at risk of life success using the expressive arts.

What We Do

We use the expressive arts as a tool for identity formation, to educate and empower students to be who they are and who they were created to be, so they'll face challenges with confidence and achieve life success.

How We Do It

Through a network of industry creatives and community advocates, we partner with schools, parents, and other social groups to provide mentoring, workshops, and annual events for personal development, academic enrichment, and career, college, and life readiness.
Our curriculum focuses on 6 core areas of development: Identity, Belief, Behavior, Environment, Capability and Purpose to
improve youth mindsets and increase
their awareness and motivation.

Who Should Participate

Any student age 10-22 interested in the arts and discovering who they are and who they were created to be; any parent or teacher interested in connecting their student with a positive role model or building awareness and motivation; any school, faith institution, or community group interested in the expressive arts, personal development, or closing the identity gap for students at-risk of life success.

Meet The Staff


Amy P. McIntosh

Founder | President & Chief Mentor

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Demetrius McIntosh

Co-Founder | Artistic Director

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Our Mission

To close the identity gap and increase personal success of students everywhere using the expressive arts.