Why Help Us?

For the last four decades, our nation has been trying to resolve youth problems – academic failure, drug use, teen pregnancy, juvenile crime, lack of workforce readiness and more. These efforts have returned mixed to poor results.


Youth “problems” are often caused by underlying issues that are widespread and chronic: persistent poverty, parents’ lack of family management skills, racism, lack of support systems and opportunities, and lack of clear standards in the community.


As a result, many youth experience difficulties in school, have poor navigation and decision making skills, lack of a sense of purpose and lack of skills or access to affect change. Even when “problems” are addressed, youth are not automatically changed, or prepared for college, work and life.


We exist to help shape the identity of our youth, to support basic personal and social needs to feel safe, secure, cared for, and valued. To build skills and competencies which allow them to function and contribute in their daily lives and resolve social and relational problems.


Help us make a difference in this world and be the change we all wish to see.

Address: PO Box 725416

Atlanta, GA 31139

Phone:  770-765-5043

Email: info@live2create.org

EIN: 47-2089539

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